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My father's abstract art re-imagined

Otousan Aato is an opportunity for me to release many of my fathers abstract art in a way that my father could never have imagined.

Why Otousan Aato? It's my use of two Japanese words together. Otousan is Japanese for father and Aato is Japanese for art.

My father graduated from the Los Angeles Art Institute and the Otis Art Institute of Parsons School of Design.

I grew up in the art world through my father taking me to all the museums, meeting fellow artists, learning the different techniques, media and styles. I watched as my father created art using watercolor, oils ,acrylics and even chalk. I helped him build a glass etching box so he could transfer his art to glass. Born and raised in Hawaii he worked at a body-and-fender shop as a young adult which explained his knowledge of metal working. I was fortunate to learn from my father on how to use the acetylene torch and arc welding that he used in his metal sculptures.

I admired my father's art growing up with the work that he put into it on weekends and late at night while he worked to support the family.  It was heartbreaking that despite his attempts to showcase his art at galleries he didn't get any interest from buyers.

I am blessed to have been given the opportunity to now showcase his artwork in the digital world.

I have been working in the software sales and marketing role for over 20 years and I keep myself up to date on the latest technology. I am blockchain consulting certified and fully appreciate the world of NFT.

I will release multiple NFT phases with the first phase still in development and that includes this website.



NFT art Inspired by my father’s art

Welcome to Otousan-Aato, my father's abstract art from the 1950's to the 1990's restored and re-imagined. From sketches to wood block his legacy will live on as newly inspired NFT art as well as unique limited edition wood block prints that will be made available in future phases.

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